Best Red Dot for Glock 43

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Best Red Dot For Glock 43

The Glock 43 is one of the most trusted concealed carry options on the market. While other firearm manufacturers have gotten creative with higher capacity options over the years, the G43 remains one of the top choices for performance and reliability. Today, we’ll look at the best red dot options for the Glock 43.

The G43 doesn’t come with optic cuts for a red dot; however, the Glock 43X comes with an MOS version that will allow optics to be directly mounted or by using a plate adapter. While we’re talking specifically about the Glock 43, we would choose the same optics for the 43X.

Because you will have to have your G43 slide milled for an optic, the first step is determining which optic you’d like it cut for. Once your slide is milled, you’re locked in to that specific red dot, with the exception of a handful of optics that share the same footprint. That’s why picking the right option for your particular needs is important. Fortunately, there are only so many options for slimline models, so it’s easy to narrow your search down quickly.

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Why install a red dot on your Glock 43?

The G43 is meant for short-distance shooting. Whether you have a red dot or not, you likely won’t be hitting 1-inch groups past 10-15 yards. So, why would somebody opt for a Glock 43 red dot sight? The answer is faster target acquisition. I’ve used red dots for about four years and added them to most of my firearms collection over time. While they do help me with accuracy, the benefit of getting on target faster is the real game-changer.

Initially, I didn’t have red dots on any concealed carry options. Once I got comfortable shooting with red dots, the need became apparent to me. That’s when I decided to go for it and have my G43 slide milled.

Best Glock Slide Milling Services

Based on both personal experiences and overall reviews, we can recommend two slide milling services for top-quality results. If you plan to have your slide milled and finished with a protective coating, you’ll likely pay close to the same price at either place. It’s worth checking current turnaround times to help in making your decision.


BattleWerx is one of my favorite slide-milling services. They offer high-quality cuts and excellent finishes. After selecting my Glock 43 red dot sight, I chose BattleWerx to have the slide milled. It took roughly seven weeks to get it back, within the lead time I was given upon placing my order. The cut was exceptional, and the finish was better than factory. I’m very pleased with BattleWerx and recommend them to anyone looking to have a Glock slide milled for a red dot.

Here is a picture of the slide I had milled by BattleWerx. Check out that cut and finish!

Glock 43 with Red Dot - Milled Slide
Slide milling for the Holosun 507k and black DLC finish by BattleWerx

The fitment of the red dot was perfect! One big bonus with a milled slide is that your optic fits directly on the slide without needing a plate or adapter. This, in turn, helps the optic to sit lower, giving you a co-witness even without suppressor-height sights.


JagerWerks is well-known in the gun community for offering top-quality optic cuts and finishes. If you’ve ever had a slide milled, or considered having it done, chances are you’ve heard of them. JagerWerks offers slide milling for Glocks and most other major firearm manufacturers and models.

Considerations when choosing a G43 red dot

Several factors come into play when choosing the best red dot for your Glock 43. Here are some top considerations when choosing the perfect red dot sight.


The first thing that you’ll want to look at is size. Most pistol red dots out there are made for double-stack models. The G43 has a slimmer frame and slide, so you don’t want a massive red dot hanging over the sides of your slide. A handful of micro red dots on the market fit the Glock 43 perfectly, and you’ll find them in our list of top optics.


If you own a Glock 43, chances are good that it’s in your carry rotation. With that being a consideration, the optic must be able to stand up to some abuse. It will get bumped around and possibly be subjected to dirt, dust, and water. Because of that, it’s crucial to choose a red dot with a durable housing that protects the internals from the elements.

Battery Life

The battery life of your red dot is a crucial factor. Some red dot manufacturers will give you estimated hours of battery life, while others will tell you in years. You’ll notice that the higher-end red dots offer a much longer battery life than the cheap ones. This is typically due to certain features that help to preserve the battery life. Regardless, it’s always important to set a schedule to remind yourself to change the battery. Better safe than sorry! I usually erred on the side of caution and change mine yearly, even though they should still have considerable life left.


I love features, but not to the point where it makes a red dot challenging to operate. One thing I like in any red dot is an auto-sleep and a motion-activated awake feature. If this is going on a firearm for personal defense, it should be as easy as possible to use. Other features might include solar power, multiple reticle settings, daylight and nighttime brightness settings, etc.


One thing that you’ll want to consider when choosing your G43 red dot is what holster companies offer options for this configuration. Glock 43s don’t come standard with options for a red dot, so not all companies will offer a holster for this setup. Fortunately, several holster companies do. One of our favorites is Tier 1. They make one of the best IWP (Inside The Waistband) holsters out there and have options for the Glock 43 with red dot.

Top 5 Red Dots for the Glock 43

Here are our top picks for G43 red dots ranked in order.

Holosun 507K X2

I’m a big fan of Holosun red dots in general. Despite all the red dot elitists that tried to convince me otherwise, I gave them a shot about three years ago with a 507C V2, which has been discontinued. I’ve since purchased six additional Holosun optics, and I can tell you that I have never had a single issue with any of them. From a durability standpoint, they have been dropped, gotten dirty, rained on, and more. I’ve not had even the slightest failure with any of my Holosun red dots.

In addition to that, I absolutely love the multi-reticle system. The reticle appears much clearer to me than many other red dots on the market. Something about that 32 MOA circle around the 2 MOA dot just looks crisp! There is no better option on the market for the price point.

The 507K is no exception to the quality I’ve found in other Holosun red dots. All of these reasons combined make me choose the Holosun 507K X2 as the #1 option for your Glock 43 or 43X. In fact, it’s the one I decided to put on my EDC.

Here are just a few top features in this micro red dot.

HOLOSUN HS507K X2 Multi-Reticle Red 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle Open Reflex Pistol Sight - Durable...
  • Perfect fit for the Glock 43/X slide
  • (MRS) Multi-Reticle System - 32 MOA circle and 2 MOA dot, circle only or dot only
  • Shake Awake Technology
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Durable 7075 aluminum housing
  • Up to 50,000 hours of battery life
  • 12 Brightness settings - 10 daylight and 2 night vision
  • Lock mode to keep from inadvertently pressing buttons
  • Side battery tray
  • Trijicon RMRcc

    Trijicon is well-known for making the most durable optics on the planet. Law enforcement and the military use them in the most rugged conditions. For this reason alone, it’s worth considering the Trijicon RMRcc for your Glock 43 or 43X.

    The RMRcc is basically a slimmed-down version of the ever-popular RMR Type 2, made explicitly for most modern concealed carry guns. Many shooters also love the fact that the majority of Trijicon optics are made in the USA.

    While the price tag on the RMRcc is considerably higher than the Holosun 507K, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a durable, American-made product.

    Here are the most notable features of the Trijicon RMRcc.

    Trijicon RMRcc Sight Adjustable LED Red Dot, 3.25 MOA, Black, 3100001
  • Decent fit on the Glock 43/X - hangs over a little on each side
  • 3.25 MOA and 6.5 MOA dot options are available
  • Durable aluminum housing and patented shape to reduce impact on glass when hit or dropped
  • 8 Brightness settings
  • Up to 4 years of battery life
  • Shield RMSc Gen II

    Shield has been making red dots for a long time. They’ve also provided components to some of the most prominent optic players in the game. The Shield RMSc is one of the most popular micro red dots on the market. In fact, many major gun manufacturers cut their slides to fit this optic. If you have a Glock 43X MOS or 48 MOS, your slide is ready to have the Shield RMSc mounted directly to it, with no adapter plate needed.

    With the Shield RMSc, you’ll find a durable optic that is easy to operate. The price tag is a little higher on this red dot, but considering the company’s 30+ years in the industry, you can be assured that you’re getting a quality product.

    Here are some top features of the Shield RMSc.

    Shield Sights RMSc | Red Dot |GEN II | Glass Edition | 4MOA | Made in The UK
  • Decent fit on Glock 43/X - hangs over the sides a bit
  • 3 MOA dot
  • Auto and Manual Brightness options are available (different models)
  • Durable 7075 aluminum housing
  • Waterproof if briefly submerged with the included seal
  • Up to 2 years of battery life
  • Swampfox Sentinel

    The Swampfox Sentinel has become a popular micro red dot option for Glock pistols. It shares the same footprint as the Shield RMsc, which the Glock 43x MOS comes cut for from the factory. If you’re having your G43 slide milled for the Swampfox Sentinel, you’ll want to choose the Shield RMsc cut option.

    Swampfox makes quality optics at an affordable price. While I don’t have a lot of personal experience with their micro red dot options, I’ve purchased other products from them and received a quality product every time, with exceptional customer service. While we wouldn’t consider it as durable as the Trijicon, or Holosun 507k, it should hold up well under normal concealed carry conditions.

    Here are some of our favorite features of the Swampfox Sentinel.

    Swampfox Sentinel Micro Reflex, Auto Brightness, Red Dot
  • Decent fit on Glock 43/X - hangs over the sides a bit
  • 3 MOA dot
  • Auto and Manual Brightness options are available (different models)
  • Durable 7075 aluminum housing
  • Waterproof if briefly submerged with the included seal
  • Up to 2 years of battery life
  • Sig Sauer Romeo Zero

    Sig is known for producing quality firearms and accessories. Regarding optics, we’re big fans of the Romeo 5 red dot. Sig jumped into the micro red dot market introducing the Romeo Zero. Many p365 owners have jumped on this optic, as it fits perfectly without needing any adapters. Regarding Glock pistols, the Romeo Zero shares the same footprint as the Shield RMSc, so it will also mount directly to the 43x and 48 MOS models.

    If you have your G43 slide milled for a red dot, choosing the Shield RMSc cut will allow you to use the Romeo Zero. One thing to note is that many reviewers have stated that they needed to pick up different screws, as the ones provided with their Romeo Zero were a bit too long, causing issues with extraction.

    The Romeo Zero is the cheapest option that you should consider for your Glock 43 or 43X if it will be used for concealed carry. This red dot is well made, though our one gripe is that the housing is made of polymer instead of aluminum. I see this as a durability issue if used in harsh environments.

    Here are some of the best features found in the Sig Romeo Zero.

    SIG SAUER SOR01300 Romeo Zero Reflex Sight, 3 MOA Red Dot, Black, One Size
  • Excellent fit for the Glock 43 or 43X
  • 3 MOA or 6 MOA dot options available
  • Impact-resistant polymer lens
  • 8 daytime brightness settings
  • Auto-on when it detects motion and turns off when it does not
  • Up to 20,000 hours of battery life
  • Conclusion

    If you’re searching for the best red dot for the Glock 43, you can’t go wrong with the Holosun 507k. If it’s an American-made optic used by the military and law enforcement that you’re after, then consider the Trijicon RMRcc. Lastly, if money is a concern and you’re looking for a quality red dot at an affordable price, then the Swampfox Sentinel would be an excellent option for your 43 or 43X.

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